Case Studies/Work Examples

Perform, Transform & Communicate

A sample of Dr. Coni Judge's work


A CEO of a world renowned arts organisation needed a transformation. With Coni’s help, she transformed her image to project style, power, connection to youth and success – improving her confidence and success with donors and board members at work and in the dating world. Coni also taught her techniques to improve her communication style with key individuals, leading to more effective relationships. The result was a new level of professional success, a new relationship, and a newly evolved persona.
When it became clear that a C-level leader’s job was going to evolve in a direction he didn’t want to go, the organisation retained Coni to work with him for six months to make the transition effective and positive. Through weekly coaching, Coni helped him prepare for a new role and job search, helped the team adjust to the transition, and kept the CEO apprised of the situation whilst maintaining confidentiality and the necessary professionalism. Walking the tightrope isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it when there’s a happy ending: an organisation that is pleased with the future direction, a team that feels engaged and positive, and an executive that is in a satisfying new role at another organisation.

“Coni is one of those rare individuals who can walk the fine line between embracing your current outward portrayal while guiding you to dig within to find your true essence and its outward reflection. Coni entered my life exactly when I both needed her expertise and when I was open enough to receive it. The transformation occurred at my pace and took approximately a year. As a result, my improved inner and outward confidence transported me to a terrific CEO post on the East Coast. To this day, Coni's guidance accompanies me on every shopping excursion.”

Anne Ewers, President and CEO, Kimmel Center


Using a combination of her “The Five Facets of Impact” and “MetaThinking” processes, Coni has helped many CEO’s make the transition from startup to full on. When an organization grows, there’s a point where the CEO must go from friend to leader. This can be a stressful time for a new executive and Coni helped one CEO of a high performance auto parts company make the leap successfully and effectively.
“I’ve referred numerous individuals who need help getting to the next level to Coni because she can truly elevate a person's performance. She brings with her experience, education and professionalism, and is intuitive when it comes people and situations. Through her experience, working at all levels, she can quickly identify the weak areas of a presentation and apply proven techniques to quickly improve the person’s presentation skills. She is thorough in her evaluation, she is creative in her approach to reach results, and she is caring in her application. You become not only a better presenter through her coaching, but you leave a better person.”
Lori Page, VP Human Resources, Ultradent


Vision Investing wanted a branded culture and experience that reflected its values. Through a series of facilitated workshops, Coni helped leaders and stakeholders explore what was important to them, define their culture, and create a systematic approach to bringing their values to life.
EDA Architects engaged Coni to lead them through a six month rebranding process to reinvigorate the firm for the next stage in their evolution. The journey started with intensive research to determine what makes EDA distinctive, a series of workshops with stakeholders to identify the brand elements and enrol them in the process, exploration and definition of the company’s mission, collaboration with a graphic designer to create a look and feel for a new logo and identity, and culminated in a brand launch event that Coni personally designed and executed. The result is a powerful, engaging brand that is based on real values and a strong, distinctive persona: irreverent, personal, and empathetic.

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